Please note that you can try HuskyShield for free for a month (per one person)
Due to a technical limitation, There is some version of Ragnarok™ client we didn't support.
You should try the trial plan first, to ensure that your game client can operate normally along with HuskyShield.


$0 / mo

  • Free for one month
  • One person can try only once
  • Features are the same as the Monthly plan.
  • Some features may not available


$20 / mo

  • Fast support
  • Free to select the version you want to use
  • You can upgrade to a newer version or downgrade to an older version you want any time as you like.

Per version

$390 / Forever

  • Fast support
  • No update, You can use only the version you have bought
  • Pay once, no monthly fee
  • You can upgrade to a newer version in half price
  • Limited number of customer
*Forever means As long as HuskyShield business still on track.