What is HuskyShield?

HuskyShield is a security system for Ragnarok Online™
Providing a secure environment for your Ragnarok Online™ server.
It not only protects your server from Bot/Cheats/Hacks/Macros.
But can also protect your resources like sprite/texture/map etc from get stolen by another provider. See more in features page.

Reasons to choose HuskyShield

  • Designed to be easy to use
  • Active development, We release at least 2 updates per year
  • Fast support

History of HuskyShield

A brief history of HuskyShield

HuskyShield I, A newborn Husky OLD

The first version of HuskyShield, Since we're a professional software engineer.
We really confident that HuskyShield will be one of a popular security solution for Ragnarok Online™ but in reality things are not that easy.
Ragnarok client™ already has it own bug, and then combine with HuskyShield's bug makes this version of HuskyShield broken.

Example of known bugs in this version:
  • Many players can't launch a game client
  • Players randomly get kicked out of the game
  • Client crashed randomly
  • Too high cpu and memory usage

HuskyShield II, Revolution OLD

A bugs in the first version cause us a headache, It's really a big problem.
We did a lot of research and then decided to recreate HuskyShield from the ground up. This version considered as a successful version of HuskyShield. everything works perfectly as it designed to.

But we got a new kind of problem like:
  • Some player(~5%) has a virus on their computer, The virus modifying their game executable and game process's memory. HuskyShield detected that and kick player out of the game, But our client doesn't like this, They want HuskyShield to working even their player have tons of virus on their computer.
  • This version has an auto update system and we update too frequently, Many players get mad because of that (Some player even told their GM that they should not to use HuskyShield for this reason)
  • And many more which most of them are not a technical problem

HuskyShield III, Beehive CURRENT VERSION

We shut down our service for a year to create this version, this version is as great as version 2 but we made some changes to make it better.
  • Removed the auto update system, Now our client can select which version they want to use GREAT
  • New log system make it a lot easier to detect a bug
  • Lower cpu and memory usage
  • Redesigned some major part to make it possible to add some advanced features
  • In game GUI for a better user experience
  • FIXED: Some player can't launch a game client
  • Windows server does not need to have a source code of their emulator in order to use HuskyShield WOW